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Production and distribution of pellets, and pellets as animal bedding.




Our soybean straw pellet is also used as a substrate for growing mushrooms. Always available, at an affordable price and in practical packaging, which contributes to saving time when preparing the substrate, soy straw pellets are a sterile substrate for mushroom growth, which will increase the yield and contribute to faster mushroom growth.

According to the recent knowledge, in addition to its hitherto known application for heating, as an energy source and as animal bedding, agro pellets are also used in the cultivation of mushrooms. It has proven to be an ideal substrate for growing many varieties of mushrooms, and it is especially suitable for growing oyster mushrooms.


Advantages over straw


Sowing mushrooms on pellets is extremely simple and practical and requires much less energy and lower costs for the preparation of the substrate for growing compared to straw, which is most often used.

Agro pellet is a suitable substrate for sowing mycelium because it is much cleaner than straw, without the presence of dust, bacteria, or other pathogenic substances. The pellet is made under pressure at extremely high temperatures, so it is not necessary to sterilize it before use as a base for mushrooms. In addition, when the pellet is formed and cooled, it is so thick that it is almost impossible for bacteria and fungi to penetrate inside the granule. To prepare the substrate for sowing mycelium, it is enough to add clean cold water.