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Production and distribution of pellets, and pellets as animal bedding.



Company business

We started working in 2010 as a successful company in providing TAXI SERVICES with head office in Novi Sad. We are expanding our business by recognizing the advantages of developing diversity in economic activities, which led to the opening of a plant for the production of AGRO PELLET, an environmentally friendly fuel from plant biomass (pure soybeans and wheat straw). We have our own production facilities and plants that produce about 15,000 tons per year of high quality agro pellets. Large spaces for storage of raw materials and finished products guarantee continuity in production throughout the year and safe delivery times.

The production of agro pellets is located in Bodjani, municipality of Bac. The mentioned location allows us to have a leading position in the processing of biomass from grain residues, because we are located in the province of Vojvodina, where the cultivation of these cereals (soybeans, wheat) is traditionally widespread. The position on the market enables us to supply our clients with high quality products, both because of the quality raw material base and because of the constant improvement and innovation in production. All this affects the formation of competitive selling prices and ensure cost-effectiveness and flexibility, from which our customers benefit.

During past period, our business activity is expanded and improved in line with market changes and customer requirements. With the appearance of the Covid-19 virus pandemic in 2020, the company produced a DISINFECTION TUNNEL for fast disinfection of passers-by, intended for health and commercial institutions.

We also provide the distribution service of polypropylene produced in HIPOL Odžaci.

Taxi services, as the first activity at the time of our establishment, has been improved over time. It is characterized by a high level of driver professionalism, as well as vehicle reliability.

Our activity contributes to environmental protection

The environment in which we live in shapes our life and business model, and we actively contribute to the sustainable development of energy by producing pellets, using biomass (straw) as a raw material in the production process, which is actually agricultural waste and has no other usage. Our product, high-quality pellets, is used to generate thermal energy, as well as in power plants that rely on renewable energy sources.

Combustion of pellets produces the same amount of CO2 that one tree used during its growth. Therefore, pellets are a neutral carrier of CO2 energy.
Sustainability and renewable energy sources by reusing residues (with significantly reduced negative environmental impact of harmful gas emissions) are key in Energreen’s strategic reasoning and development policy. A development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the potential for future generations is the main goal.


Our mission is to become a leader in the use of biomass as a renewable, flexible and profitable energy solution, while providing quality and quickly available products (but also services) to all interested customers.



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