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MT-33 / 103

During 2020, we have produced the DISINFECTION TUNNEL MT-33/103, in order to protect passers-by and to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic with the purpose of efficient disinfection of potential virus carrier in frequent places.


The company Energreen MTB doo has developed a disinfection tunnel made of stainless steel and is equipped with 16 nozzles that spray the disinfectant into micro droplets. The system has many advantages, emphasizing the drastic reduction of water and disinfectant consumption, where during one use of the tunnel that disperses the disinfectant for 2.5-3 seconds and only 25 ml of disinfectant is consumed. One liter of disinfectant is enough for 40 passes through the disinfection tunnel. To further reduce consumption, the tunnel is equipped with an automatic movement system that detects a person, activates nozzles, as well as automatic shutdown after disinfection. It should be emphasized that it is possible, at the request of the user, to adjust the duration of the spray disinfectant.

It is recommended to use the disinfection tunnel in busy locations. They are intended for anyone who is in contact with potential carriers of the virus. Disinfection tunnels are applicable to hospitals, companies with a larger number of employees, markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, colleges, and similar facilities where there is a high frequency of people who may be potential carriers of the virus. Of course, the tunnel can be used in all situations when we want to take care of the health safety of our citizens and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

The nozzles guarantee an even distribution of disinfectant per person in the tunnel, while minimizing the entry of moisture into clothing and footwear. After going through the disinfection tunnel, you are sure that the potential contamination with the virus has been removed.


Passage width: 103 cm

Height: 220 cm

Weight: 295 kg

Supply/Consumption: 220 V / 500 W

Tank capacity: 80 litara

Numer of passes: 3200 (standard setting)

Advantages over other systems:

Low cost of maintenance and use.

Easy device availability.

It is characterized by durability with the stainless-steel construction.

Simple and elegant design, which does not disturb the surrounding appearance of the building or the space where it is located

The entire system works at a pressure of up to 70 bar, unlike other available systems that work at a pressure of 6 bar, and therefore it is easy to find spare components

Certified product and approved for use (CE mark)

The disinfection tunnel complies with the European directives MD 2006/42 / EC, LVD 2014/35 / EU, EMC 2014/30 / EU and EC 1935/2004

The disinfection tunnel is designed as a simple system and no training is required for its users

It uses less water and disinfectants during operation, compared to the classic disinfection systems

Low power consumption of 0.5 kWh.

Robust steel structure coated with alubond resistance to atmospheric influences

Additional pump for automatic tank filling (self-filling) with the sensor for automatic shut-off at the end of filling.


Proof of quality

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